I started my dance career in church in the early 90’s at a time when liturgical dance was still considered somewhat taboo – primarily in the black church. But a passion ignited in me that surpassed waving a flag and spinning in a long billowing skirt. I began taking a variety of dance classes from elementary to high school and taught myself the dance routines from all of the popular music videos in my spare time. Soon after that, at the young age of twelve, I was not only learning new styles but creating and teaching dance as well. From ballet, contemporary, African, jazz, ballroom, hip hop, and more my choreographic designs are inspired by many amazing styles of dance learned over the years.

My artistry exemplifies my commitment to excellence and passion for my craft. I’ve been blessed to captivate audiences as a performer and creative visionary, both domestically and internationally for almost 20 years. As a choreographer and instructor, I’ve worked with public school programs, churches, theater production companies, artistic non-profit organizations, dance studios, and competitive dance teams to engage students and fellow artists through my inspired and unique body of work.

Not only has dance been a significant part of my life, but musical theater became a simultaneous passion in my early teen years after that I saw Audra McDonald in the Disney film adaptation. She was the first musical theater actress I’d seen that looked like me (a woman of color) and this ignited community musical theater involvement which continues today.

Musical theater actress turned playwright in my late twenties, I have written and produced a number of theatrical performances and has since expanded to include creative directing and event production (consulting and management) for various artistic events such as concerts, and variety shows throughout the Southeastern United States.