Write the Vision | Setting Goals

“Yahweh answered me and said ‘Write the vision and make it plain, so that those that read it may have clear understanding.'” Habukuk 2:2

I’ve read, heard, and seen this scripture a million and one times throughout my life as a Christian. And it’s weird how, when you think you truly understand a principle, God will bring the same thing to you with entirely new meaning. I’ve always applied this to writing the vision for a major plan or project for your life. A long term and/or complex goal you want to achieve like starting a business, or saving for a house. But God challenged me in my personal time with Him to write my goals down in a journal, short term and long term… doing so, actually turned into my detailing my weight loss plan for 2015. Losing 100 pounds by the end of October… a completely obtainable goal. It’s amazing how pumped up you can get from actually having a solid plan and not just an idea. 🙂

I challenge you to write down the goals – short and long term- in every area of your life. 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year goals… it’s a great checkpoint for yourself to see how much you’ve achieved. To actually be able to mark your progression based on a solid plan not just an idea or dream. In 2015 let’s set realistic goals (not a New Year’s Resolution that you drop by January 31st), write them down…every measly detail… and lets make them happen! You with me? 🙂

Create your OWN story | Follow your OWN path

There’s more than one way to get from New York City to Los Angeles. Many different routes for each type of transportation … So regardless of the route taken as long as you safely make it from where you are, to where you’re headed, that’s all that matters right? Of course some paths are quicker, others are more tumultuous, while some are more scenic… But that doesn’t mean that only ONE path is the RIGHT path… It depends on the traveler. Somebody may want to take the scenic route while someone else may want to catch the red eye and get there in a flash.

This analogy hit me as it relates to my dreams. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I’m a performer and the one thing I’ve always wanted was to be able to do what I love full time for a living. I’ve made multiple attempts by way of starting companies, planning to relocate to NYC, auditioning for professional work… All to no avail. And it wasn’t as if these things didn’t work because I’m not talented, it’s because I let fear of the unknown stop me from fully committing to the pursuit of those dreams.
I live in my head sometimes. My obsession with planning and details is a wonderful asset most times, but in moments like these, it’s my worst enemy because I can’t plan out each and every step in my success story. But who really can?
Nobody who’s become successful knew how their journey was going to unfold. Of course they had ideas, and made plans, but of course life happened and things went in a different direction, and they had to adjust. My brain stops me from taking that step. To continue to walk on faith even if I don’t know where my foot is going to step next. It’s more than doubt. I think it’s issues with control. Wanting to have the control to know what’s going to happen next so I’m never caught off guard. And if I didn’t know every step, I figured it wasn’t worth the risk. 
I’ve even tried to do research. I’ve looked up books, testimonials, YouTube videos to “tell” me how to reach my dreams. Which in retrospect is pathetic… But follow me here. I wanted someone to TELL me… Needed somebody to give me the right answer on how to get to the Broadway stage so I wouldn’t make a mistake. I wouldn’t waste my time or my resources… But the answers aren’t out there.
That’s because no one can really “tell” you how to make it, because no two success stories are exactly the same. As I stated before there are multiple ways to get to the same location. There isn’t going to be a script, a manual, or blueprint… so don’t look for one. Sure…network with people who’ve made it, ask questions, get advice, but know that their journey may not be how things turn out for you.

Not saying you won’t reach success, but follow your own yellow brick road. God has a specific path for you to travel because there are going to be tests that are going to be customized for you to pass, lessons that you have to learn, and people He wants to rid from you along the way. And as I’m typing this, I’m preaching to myself just as much as I’m encouraging you…have enough faith to walk on a path that you can’t see. Even if the next brick is laid right before you place your foot on it. All that matters is that your foot lands on it and you keep on traveling… because you’re making progress! You’re on your way! Follow your own path, and one day you’ll be able to tell someone YOUR story of how you made it to YOUR success story. Stop looking for a guide, trust God, and ACHIEVE your dreams!

You can’t save everybody

This will be quick, but I had to share a quick lesson I’ve had to learn that just crossed my mind just now while going through Instagram. I’ve been a mentor for many many years. Mostly for teen girls, but some teen boys look up to me too. And I’m pretty wise to be so young so I know I give some pretty good advice. But I used to get offended whenever I’d give advice to someone and then they’d do the exact opposite of what I said. Or when I used to teach Sunday school, I’d teach something and it would just seem like it never stuck with them. But I’ve come to realize a couple of things over the years…one we’ve all been teenagers, and we all got advice from friends and family and didn’t listen! Also, sometimes life really is the best teacher… And in those moments your words of advice will ring louder than ever. Last thing I’ve learned while being a mentor is that some people just aren’t going to get it… and that’s no reflection on you. You can’t save everybody! You’re only one person, and all you can do is give what you can to make a difference. So don’t be discouraged when people don’t follow to YOUR advice specifically, or they just don’t get it, it’s not a reflection on you. You may just be part of the process of them “getting it.” You know the Bible says one plants the seed, someone else waters it, and God gives the increase. So keep planting seeds, keep watering. As long as they eventually make the change that’s all that matters. Regardless of whether or not you’re around to see it.

Ciao ❤️