Day Break

Two hearts, two spirits, two souls intertwined
Eyes held in a daze til the end of time
The future clouded by irrevocable days
Of a lover so close, yet so far away

How cruel can life be?
In love with a twin flame too far to see
Separation entraps the progress of a union
Always anticipating the designated season

When the two become one, united as the sun
Adjoins with the moon to form nature’s rhythmic heartbeat
Bonded in a melody divinely concrete

As each berry colors the trees and the flowers adorn the meadows
Our love lingers in the shadows
Awaiting it’s bloom as the rose awaits the spring
I wait for ye

Knowing that all shall not be in vain
And in that moment my life will change
My dreams will fulfill their self-prophecy
And you will come for me

But in divine timing I will stay
And patiently await the day break


I’m at an impasse
My own yellow brick road
Which way do I go?
Are you there Lion? Tin man? Scarecrow?
Even abandoned by my beloved Toto
Isn’t that how life goes
Starting out with a crowd… ending alone

When the doors are quiet and the walls close in
When I can’t find my family for friends
What do I do then?

In the shadows I hear mother’s advice
To come out of the quicksand of my pitiful cries
And run to the rock that is higher than I

To look to the hills from whence cometh my help
To look to the Divine and no one else
For He says “come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”


Who may ascend to the hill of the Lord and shall stand in His holy place?
Not I, I’m not worthy to show my face
My hands… my ways
I’m wretched and stained
But you extend your hand anyways

And summon, “Come my daughter
Suffer the little children to come unto me
Case all you cares for I careth for thee
And will keep you in perfect peace
Just keep your mind stayed on me.”

Divine Spirit, I don’t have it together
I’m scorned and weathered
Give me a minute, I’ll clean up and come back later

“Stay hither!
Perfection is not what I ask of you
I want your heart that is true
My love isn’t predicated on what you’ve been through
Don’t you understand I’m madly in love with you?
I spoke the universe into existence and handcrafted you

I know each hair on your head by number and name
Every follicle of your shell I put into place
Still you’re distracted by matters of the day
But I would never force my way
Just tell me what more I need to do to convince you to stay?”

Do You See Me?

I’m a beggar, abuser
Home wrecker, drug user
I’m sure you see that in me

But I’m also a doctor, priest, or an entrepreneur among the greatest
But that, I’m sure you don’t see

You just stoll on by
Living your life
Condemning me to hell without understanding my why
You nose aimed directly to the sky
While the crack pipe sings my lullaby
I’m that guy

Set up outside the temple
Watching others get their “breakthrough”
Yet nobody stopped to share their good news

About their intimate encounter
An indescribably power
Pouring from heaven at the 12 o’clock hour

Wiping their slate clear
Giving what they need
Will somebody show me
How to make this happen for me?

I’m more than this low life you’ve deemed for me
I have a soul
With a need to purge memories it holds
Will you sacrifice the time to rescue me from the cold/

Take me to life
The place where you saw the light
Guide me to that place, please take my hand
Hello, do you hear me? Sir? Ma’am?

I may not speak out because I’m too ashamed
But clearly you can see I need a change
Will you take a moment to call me by name?

Am I asking for an unbearable task?
For you to stop for a moment and take off the mask
To take me to the King
Walk with me on this journey
Or will you leave me on the sidelines and claim you don’t see me?