Day Break

Two hearts, two spirits, two souls intertwined
Eyes held in a daze til the end of time
The future clouded by irrevocable days
Of a lover so close, yet so far away

How cruel can life be?
In love with a twin flame too far to see
Separation entraps the progress of a union
Always anticipating the designated season

When the two become one, united as the sun
Adjoins with the moon to form nature’s rhythmic heartbeat
Bonded in a melody divinely concrete

As each berry colors the trees and the flowers adorn the meadows
Our love lingers in the shadows
Awaiting it’s bloom as the rose awaits the spring
I wait for ye

Knowing that all shall not be in vain
And in that moment my life will change
My dreams will fulfill their self-prophecy
And you will come for me

But in divine timing I will stay
And patiently await the day break