Do You See Me?

I’m a beggar, abuser
Home wrecker, drug user
I’m sure you see that in me

But I’m also a doctor, priest, or an entrepreneur among the greatest
But that, I’m sure you don’t see

You just stoll on by
Living your life
Condemning me to hell without understanding my why
You nose aimed directly to the sky
While the crack pipe sings my lullaby
I’m that guy

Set up outside the temple
Watching others get their “breakthrough”
Yet nobody stopped to share their good news

About their intimate encounter
An indescribably power
Pouring from heaven at the 12 o’clock hour

Wiping their slate clear
Giving what they need
Will somebody show me
How to make this happen for me?

I’m more than this low life you’ve deemed for me
I have a soul
With a need to purge memories it holds
Will you sacrifice the time to rescue me from the cold/

Take me to life
The place where you saw the light
Guide me to that place, please take my hand
Hello, do you hear me? Sir? Ma’am?

I may not speak out because I’m too ashamed
But clearly you can see I need a change
Will you take a moment to call me by name?

Am I asking for an unbearable task?
For you to stop for a moment and take off the mask
To take me to the King
Walk with me on this journey
Or will you leave me on the sidelines and claim you don’t see me?