Wig Review | Vanessa Fashion Hair – JILLIAN

I’ve been looking for a bob wig for about a month now. For a variety of reasons. 1 – It’s HOT in these long wigs! Especially with wearing scarves…

2 – I think short hair is sassy and sexy! Nothing against my longer units, but right now, I’m feelin’ the shorter hair. I almost went with a pixie cut, but I’m not quite ready.

And 3… shorter units always last longer! It never fails, my longer units start to tangle in the nape the moment I wear them. Then it’s just a matter of time before the unit loses it’s appeal.

So I found this unit in my local hair supply store, and I love it! I look forward to rocking this Jillian unit for a while, in any season!


Color: 2
Length: longest pieces – 10 inches and tapered/stacked cut in the back
Structure: Adjustable Straps, Secure combs at left temple, nape, and mid-center of the forehead
Parting: pre-tweezed part on the right
Price: $16.99 and up
Available atEbonyline | Shop Hair Wigs | Beauty Faves