Wig Review |Model Model “Darline”

“Darline” by Model Model has been my go-to unit since 2016. To be honest, she doesn’t look the greatest right out of the packaging. The curls are super tight, which makes the unit have a “jheri curl” feel. But once you separate the curls, and shape the wig, she is absolutely stunning! She has the most longevity of any of the units I own. I’ve had one that lasted over a year. She looks very “natural” in both texturally and esthetically. I’ve repurchased this unit at least 4 times, in various colors, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Color – 2 or OF99J530BG
Length: approx 12-14 inches
Structure: Adjustable Straps, Secure combs at temples & nape
Parting Space: pre-tweezed parton the right
Price: $22.60 and up
Available online at – Wig TypesSam’s Beauty |Ebonyline