You can’t save everybody

This will be quick, but I had to share a quick lesson I’ve had to learn that just crossed my mind just now while going through Instagram. I’ve been a mentor for many many years. Mostly for teen girls, but some teen boys look up to me too. And I’m pretty wise to be so young so I know I give some pretty good advice. But I used to get offended whenever I’d give advice to someone and then they’d do the exact opposite of what I said. Or when I used to teach Sunday school, I’d teach something and it would just seem like it never stuck with them. But I’ve come to realize a couple of things over the years…one we’ve all been teenagers, and we all got advice from friends and family and didn’t listen! Also, sometimes life really is the best teacher… And in those moments your words of advice will ring louder than ever. Last thing I’ve learned while being a mentor is that some people just aren’t going to get it… and that’s no reflection on you. You can’t save everybody! You’re only one person, and all you can do is give what you can to make a difference. So don’t be discouraged when people don’t follow to YOUR advice specifically, or they just don’t get it, it’s not a reflection on you. You may just be part of the process of them “getting it.” You know the Bible says one plants the seed, someone else waters it, and God gives the increase. So keep planting seeds, keep watering. As long as they eventually make the change that’s all that matters. Regardless of whether or not you’re around to see it.

Ciao ❤️

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